STAND UP Anti-Bullying Program

STAND UP is the Greenville Swamp Rabbits’ anti-bullying program designed to combat bullying in schools and teach children how to stand up for themselves and others. This season, the Swamp Rabbits will hold assemblies at elementary schools in the Upstate and target issues like how to define bullying, identifying distinct types of bullies, understanding how to cope with bullying and learning how to help peers who are being mistreated.

With the help of the team’s mascot, Stomper, and a few Swamp Rabbit’s players, students get to see firsthand what kind of situations bullying dan create. After a few demonstrations, the team will go over the STAND UP pledge to ensure students understand the importance of the anti-bullying program. The pledge urges students to do the following:

                        Stand up and include others

                           Tell someone if you need help

                 Act as a friend to others

            Never belittle anyone

Don’t be silent

                                       Understand each other’s differences

                  Put an end to all bullying

At the end of the assembly, every child will go home with a Swamp Rabbits’ STAND UP stress puck as a reminder to do their part in the fight against bullying.

If you would like to bring the STAND UP program to your school, fill out the contact form below to learn more about the program and availability.

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